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5 Tips for a Graceful Social Media Exit

June 23, 2014 12:39 am

An active social media presence should be a core component of your organization's marketing strategy, but it’s important to recognize that not every social channel will be the right fit for your messages. If you’ve noticed stagnant activity on a particular social media channel in spite of your efforts to spur engagement, it might be because your audience is no longer present there. Reallocate your time and resources by making a graceful social exit using the following tips:

Do periodic reviews to evaluate the effectiveness of your social channels.
If you’ve been actively engaged for a while and you haven’t seen any return on your investment of time, you have two options: 1) invest more time in uncovering different strategies until you find something that sticks or 2) move on to a more appropriate social space that resonates better with your audience.

Thank them for their participation.
Whether you’re deleting your account or just leaving a bit of forwarding information, it’s still good to thank everyone who participated in discussions, sharing, or viewing of any of your posts. This shows that you appreciate the time and effort they put into you and your presence.

Let them know you’re leaving, and let them know why.
Announce on the social network that you’ll be exiting, that way any faithful friends or followers who would have wanted to engage with you will know why you’re suddenly silent. Be honest and sincere.

Leave a forwarding address or social channel.
Tell them how to find you. Let them know where you’ll be moving to, and how they can interact and engage with you in the next social space.

Set a firm date for exiting the account, and stick to it.
Put up a goodbye post, or leave a link to the next place. Take whatever strategy that feels right for you. Leave your post up for a sufficient amount of time and then remember to download any data you may need and actually go in at some point to close down the account so that you don’t miss any possible connections in the future.

Source: PR Toolkit

Published with permission from RISMedia.

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